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Sports betting is the bet type which you have option to bet on many different sports categories. Youwin has lots of options to bet in sports. Some of them are "football, baseball, soccer, tennis, basketball, MMA, hockey, e-sports, golf, boxing, handball, volleyblal, motor sports, cycling, darts, futsal, rugby union, snooker, table tennis and virtual football. As you can see in Youwin, you will have wide range of betting options while betting on sports.

The most popular sports betting category is soccer. The soccer industry grows hugely and betting markets on that is also keeping along. Dozens of markets to play in soccer and low risk high win percentages are always keeping it as one of the favourites for the bettors.

How to Play Sports Betting?

Sports betting is easy to understand and play. But the most important part to play sports betting is finding a trustable and reliable betting site. That's where Youwin -leading betting site of the Europe- coming to your help. The high odds, excellent promotions and wide range of betting options are the main reasons of the Youwin's success.

To understand sports betting better, we will introduce you the betting terms that you may need to know before playing on sports.

Sports Betting Glossary

3-way: 3-way is simple betting type which you bet on the match result. Home team is coded as "1" while draw is "X" and away team is "2". After the normal time of the game ends your bet will be calculated according to the result.

Total Goals: This is the betting type which you try to guess the total goals scored in the game. It is commonly known as "over/under" bets amongst the bettors. There is goal limits set by the market for each matches and all you need to do is to guess if the game will have more or less goals than the limit set.

Double chance: As you all know, in 3-way betting the game has 3 possible endings. In double chance bet, you can pick 2 option instead of 1 and double your chance to win. Of course, doubling your winning chance will lower the odds.

Draw No Bet: Draw no bet removes the draw option from the bet and allows the bettors to bet on home or away win. In this betting type, you'll not win or lose anything when the game ends in a draw. Your bet will win or lose in only situations which home or away team wins.

Single Bet: This is the simplest sports betting category to bet on. As indicated in its name, you just bet on single game. Your bet will rely on only one match and that will be easier to win. But of course, higher win chance will lower your winning amount.

Combi Bet: Combi bets includes at least 2 games. To win, all of your picked games in the betslip should be correctly guessed. This is the most preferred betting category and total odds are calculated by multiplying the odds of each game.

System bets: System bets are the most complicated but highest win amount bet category. In system bets you can place multiple bets using a specific system. Each bet will be independent of the outcome. In this bets, you have a chance to win even if one or more bets lose. The bet price will be higher as the winning amount is.

Live Bet: This is a unique betting category which is quite popular amongst the bettors. You may bet on live matches on this bet. The odds will be changed according to the minute or score of the game. This betting type is popular because you can watch the game and take action regarding to the events of the match.


Sports betting has a huge number of markets and easier to understand and win. Being able to bet on any sports played in the World with high odds and reliable markets in Youwin is always profitable.

Join the excitement of the sports betting in Youwin and enjoy the betting industry. But please remember to gamble responsibly. - official YouWin affiliate program


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